Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fighting Spirit: A Message from Herman Wallace

Times Picayune: Federal Magistrate rules against Herman Wallace's writ of habeas corpus petition

PLEASE TAKE ACTION: Demand Humane Release for Herman! USA, UK, France, Belgium, and elsewhere

On Saturday
. August 31st, I was transferred to LSU Hospital for evaluation. I was informed that the chemo treatments had failed and were making matters worse and so all treatment came to an end. The oncologists advised that nothing can be done for me medically within the standard care that they are authorized to provide. They recommended that I be admitted to hospice care to make my remaining days as comfortable as possible. I have been given 2 months to live.

I want the world to know that I am an innocent man and that Albert Woodfox is innocent as well. We are just two of thousands of wrongfully convicted prisoners held captive in the American Gulag. We mourn for the family of Brent Miller and the many other victims of murder who will never be able to find closure for the loss of their loved ones due to the unjust criminal justice system in this country. We mourn for the loss of the families of those unjustly accused who suffer the loss of their loved ones as well.

Only a handful of prisoners globally have withstood the duration of years of harsh and solitary confinement that Albert and myself have.  The State may have stolen my life, but my spirit will continue to struggle along with Albert and the many comrades that have joined us along the way here in the belly of the beast.

In 1970 I took an oath to dedicate my life as a servant of the people, and although I'm down on my back, I remain at your service. I want to thank all of you, my devoted supporters, for being with me to the end.


  1. man dis is michael meyers i was n hrdc i served your food i kno remember me i love u man i pray for n my wishies is for u to contact me 6053 becker marrero la 70072 225 892 9025

  2. If they did it or not....God Bless and Keep them were they need to be and bring them to glory when all is said and done .....to many prisons in this world but what can we do ...all judgment should be given right away .life in prison is no good for no one ..JUST KILL THE MAN !


    1. u fuckn suck as a person. I hope u or a member of your family gets wrongfully accused and see how u feel then. burn on these nuts....anonymous dat...... my name is paul and I live in hollygrove...u have no backbone. judging and don't kno the whole story. im sure the devil will be paying u a visit soon enough.

  4. The idea that any person could legally be held in solitary confinement for that length of time is unbelievable, talk about cruel and unusual punishment, in the year of 2013, my God has this world lost their mind ! Hemp Oil will cure his cancer or make him comfortable until his end, someone please help this man !

  5. Bless you both (all) for sharing your stories of survival with the rest of us - I'm so sorry we couldn't get you guys out of that hell, much less free you. But you have inspired many of us to keep up the fight to abolish this system outright, not just settle for "better" prisons. Know that you will be remembered that way, Herman, by generations struggling for the liberation of all. thank you, as well as your comrades who bring us news of your collective struggle. Blessings to Albert, too.

  6. Man you should go back to GOD and ask forgivness.

    Try to find the right religon maybe Islam or Hindo or whatever.

    Just make your brain work before you die.

    May god guid you and guid all of us.

  7. Why do people feel they have the right to judge or send anyone to hell. There are indeed lots of innocent people in prisons. Now they brag that the US does not torture. What else can you call keeping someone in solitary for years but torture.

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