Monday, September 16, 2013

Please Join Us at Albert Woodfox's Court Hearing on Sept. 17

News Coverage by Times Picayune:  "Hearing to block strip, cavity searches of Angola 3 inmate delayed"

Although our hearts and minds are all preoccupied with Herman right now, in late August, the A3 civil case legal team filed a TRO to stop the now routine strip searches Albert has had to endure since March (view the legal filing here).

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fighting Spirit: A Message from Herman Wallace

Times Picayune: Federal Magistrate rules against Herman Wallace's writ of habeas corpus petition

PLEASE TAKE ACTION: Demand Humane Release for Herman! USA, UK, France, Belgium, and elsewhere

On Saturday
. August 31st, I was transferred to LSU Hospital for evaluation. I was informed that the chemo treatments had failed and were making matters worse and so all treatment came to an end. The oncologists advised that nothing can be done for me medically within the standard care that they are authorized to provide. They recommended that I be admitted to hospice care to make my remaining days as comfortable as possible. I have been given 2 months to live.