Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A3 Newsletter: Vincent Simmons, Leonard Peltier, Non-Unanimous Juries and more

A3 Newsletter, Sept 27, 2017: Continuing the Struggle to Free Political Prisoners

Albert and Robert continue tirelessly traveling around the country and the world, bringing attention to other cases and issues around the criminal "in"justice system here in the USA and in other countries that they visit.   

Last month, they traveled to Washington DC for the Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March. Photos from the day are featured above and directly below, taken from the SF Bay View article written by Wanda Sabir, who is shown above with Robert and Albert. The other two photos from the day are of Albert with former political prisoner Laura Whitehorn and one of Robert and Albert with longtime A3 supporter Rebecca Hensley. At the DC march, Albert was interviewed by former political prisoner and Panther Eddie Conway for The Real News Network, which you can watch here.

Morgan Freeman's new show "The Story of Us" will be premiering on the National Geographic Channel at 9pm on October 11. Entitled "The March of Freedom," the show's premiere episode will be featuring our very own Albert Woodfox. Furthermore, Albert is featured in The Story of Us teaser trailer, which you can watch here.  

In November, Albert and Robert will be campaigning in Germany and Belgium with Amnesty International and meeting with activists and politicians.

As racial issues take center stage in the public discourse, they felt it was timely to highlight several of far too many cases, where racial inequality plays a huge role in continued unjust extended incarceration.  

The research and writing of Professor Angela Bell has appeared in several law reviews and mainstream media. Just recently her piece on "non-unanimous jury" decisions in Louisiana was featured in the Washington Post, clearly elucidating just one of the many decisions and policies in the system that is grounded in white supremacy that promotes the adjudication of blacks and whites differently. Professor Bell's article highlights just one of the many issues that Albert and Robert speak on as they travel, along with the cases of other prisoners.  
They hope you'll take the time to read about the current status of Leonard Peltier, as well as a previously fellow Angola inmate, Vincent Simmons. This past month also brought news of an attack on political prisoner Herman Bell. Click here to find out how you can help Herman. 

Finally, there's news that at long last there is an effort to review the conviction of Ruchell Magee who was sentenced to 7 years to Life in August of 1965 and remains in prison.

Albert and Robert are grateful for a chance to live outside the cages they were held in for so long and feel a great urgency to try to help other prisoners that have been stuck in the system for far too long. They feel certain that the supporters who stood with them during the many years of struggle to secure their release will do what they can, as they are, for those who have not yet been as fortunate.