Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A3 Newsletter: We Stand With the Prisoners Human Rights March

(PHOTO: Robert King and Albert Woodfox with a former Los Angeles Panther named Hakim, taken at the Los Angeles premiere of Cruel and Unusual)

A3 Newsletter, June 14, 2017:
We Stand With the Prisoners Human Rights March

Angola 3 stands strong with the upcoming Prisoners Human Rights March on August 19th in Washington D.C.

Robert King will be a featured speaker at the Aug. 19 event and encourages all Angola 3 supporters so share the information about this march with organizations far and wide, in order to build a strong presence on behalf of prisoners in our nation's capitol this summer.

Cruel and Unusual premiered in New York City and Los Angeles, where Albert and King spent time with BPP members from back in the day, including a former member of the Los Angeles BPP named Malik, shown in the photo above.

Albert is taking as much of the summer off as he can after a grueling year of travel and interviews. He hopes to spend lots of time with family, including his great-grandchildren.

Albert's visit to Montreal was a big success and his talk at Concordia University can be viewed in full here. Just below is a photo of Albert with event organizer Marie Dimanche. Thanks again to our Montreal supporters!

Featured at the bottom of the newsletter are a few thank you notes from students in Miss Green's class at University of Texas Elementary School in Austin, where King visited last month and impressed the children with both his experiences and maybe even a little more with his candy :-)