Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SOUL ON FIRE --Online play portrays Herman Wallace of the Angola 3

Activist, writer, and actress Linda Carmichael explains that she "first wrote the play SOUL ON FIRE about seven years ago, and has had several staged readings performed since, including one Off Broadway. I had been corresponding with Herman and he knew I was an actress and suggested I write a play. It was called ‘Life's Morsel’ and was a multi media theater play for seven characters. A lot of the dialogue was from actual letters that Herman and I wrote to each other over many years. Some of the play is fictionalized and I wrote some of his lines from 'channeling' him. With his approval I later changed the name to SOUL ON FIRE."

Last year, Carmichael wrote a version for two speakers, and a performance of this new version has been videotaped for the internet. The full version is still being edited and finalized. Until then, Carmichael has just released these two short segments to give audiences a preview. One video features Carmichael herself and the other features the eminent Shakespearian actor, Johnny Lee Davenport.

Carmichael's daughter, Lauren Muchan (previously interviewed by Angola 3 News) used some of the script for her award-winning short documentary film, "Letters to Angola," (embedded below) which is featured on the DVD for the new British film about the Angola 3, entitled "In the Land of the Free." Carmichael directed the voice over for Lauren's movie, with Johnny Lee Davenport playing Herman.

Carmichael would love the play to be used more as a tool for spreading the Angola Three story. The new version for two actors is particularly easy to use for readings, and she can rewrite it to accommodate the part of Elizabeth being played by an American. If anyone wants to do a reading, please email her at this address:

Linda Carmichael with the late Anita Roddick, who was a supporter and friend of the Angola 3.

Letters to Angola from joseph sharp on Vimeo.

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