Thursday, October 3, 2013

West Feliciana District Attorney Says Herman Wallace Has Been Reindicted

(Herman Wallace, in ambulance after his release.)
In an article published this evening, Lauren McGaughy of the Times-Picayune cites an announcement by West Feliciana District Attorney Samuel D’Aquilla, that a grand jury has reindicted Wallace. McGaughy writes further that:

George Kendall, one of Wallace's attorneys, said no one on his legal team was notified of the indictment Thursday. Documents filed in Louisiana's Middle District on Thursday show D'Aquilla notified the court of his intent to reindict Wallace.

"We have not received any official notification of an indictment, but if it is true, we are shocked that a state grand jury was asked to indict a man who has only days to live," Wallace's legal team said in a statement.

Kendall said he was "not surprised" that D'Aquilla didn't notify Wallace's legal team, but said the situation is disappointing and unusual.
McGaughy concludes that "the reindictment is largely a political move, as D'Aquilla said he would not ask that Wallace be put back behind bars, and also wouldn't set a court date until the end of the year.." Read the full article here.

Please check back for an A3 Coalition statement in response to this news.

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